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Located in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood and running along Burleigh Street from Sherman Boulevard on the east to 60th Street on the west, the Burleigh Street Commercial Corridor is also known as “the Mosaic on Burleigh” for the variety of local businesses reflecting a community that welcomes many ethnicities and faiths.


Sherman Park has welcomed residents of remarkable diversity. Residents continue to enrich this stable, harmonious neighborhood. In addition to its great diversity and the commitment of its residents, Sherman Park’s assets include high-quality housing stock, historically significant buildings, responsible landlords, high-ranking public and private schools, religious institutions, quality retail and business establishments throughout the Corridor.

For decades, Sherman Park’s residents achieved prosperity for themselves and their families – working hard, running small businesses, owning homes in one of the keystone neighborhoods of Milwaukee. But economic recession hit the community fiercely, and too many neighbors lost their jobs, their businesses and their homes.

Leading revitalization efforts since 1999 is the Burleigh Street Community Development Corporation (Burleigh Street CDC), a coalition of people who live, worship, work and do business in the neighborhood. By convening our partners, which include the Sherman Park Community Association, West Burleigh Business Improvement District (BID #27, see Start-up page), the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County, state and federal government,  private investors, local corporations, foundations, and block associations throughout Sherman Park, the Burleigh Street CDC is raising the quality of life in the neighborhood and revitalizing the Burleigh Street Commercial Corridor.

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Jim Hiller

"One reason I serve as the Executive Director of the Burleigh Street CDC is because I believe our strength derives not only from our racial, religious, economic, and cultural integration, but also through the support we receive from a base of active and committed residents, businesses, and major institutions located nearby."


Intended Impact

Know what we aim to achieve

In the coming 3-5 years, we intend to impact as many people as possible in the community with the main intention of creating economic opportunities and societal solutions for everyone.


Burleigh Street CDC is a community represented by hard working people and we wish to create a community around us that is hard at work and allows open choice and opportunity to everyone.


Burleigh Street CDC financial documents from fiscal year(s) 2015, 2016, 2018, and others can now be viewed and downloaded from the IRS site link given below. These include our form 990, EIN, and filing type information.

The given list of links below also contains information from GuideStar which lists Burleigh Street CDC registered with the IRS as tax exempt. GuideStar obtains the information from the nonprofits themselves, the federal government, and partners in the nonprofit sector.

Visit the IRS page to view/download electronic copies (images) of our forms 990, 990-EZ, 990-PF or 990-T.

Visit the GuideStar page to view Burleigh Street CDC registered with the IRS as tax exempt.

Visit our Contact page for further questions and concerns.

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