Jim Hiller, Executive Director

One reason I serve as the Executive Director of the Burleigh Street CDC is because I believe our strength derives not only from our racial, religious, economic, and cultural integration, but also through the support we receive from a base of active and committed residents, businesses, and major institutions located nearby.

Renée B. Lindner, Outreach Manager

I work at the Burleigh Street CDC to make a difference on the street. I want it to be an even more vibrant place - people from all backgrounds walking, talking, shopping, worshiping. That all happens here on Burleigh. I’m proud to be a part of the action.

Brittany Morton, Job Connector Case Manager

Opportunity is such an important component to success. By working at Burleigh Street CDC I get to help residents explore and pursue opportunities that lead to a better them, and ultimately add additional value to the wonderful community that is Sherman Park.

Patricia Stricklen, Accounting

I work at the Burleigh Street CDC because of the diversity of the area/my neighborhood and to aide in the business environment.