Business and Economic Development
To maintain, create and attract businesses and jobs, Burleigh Street CDC works with a coalition of public, private, and community groups to provide technical assistance, sponsor business development seminars, assist in promotional activities, and connect business owners and job seekers with resources and opportunities.

Commercial Real Estate Development
To attract dedicated property owners and stable businesses, Burleigh Street CDC assesses neighbors’ needs, compiles inventory of properties for sale or lease, and markets them to a larger audience. It also helps businesses open in the Burleigh Street Commercial Corridor by connecting business owners to resources.

In addition, Burleigh Street CDC identifies catalytic projects that will improve physical conditions and investment in the community. One such early-stage project is the Sherman Theater, a 1930s Art Deco building located at 4632 West Burleigh Street. The Theater will bring live entertainment back to the neighborhood, be a community gathering space, and provide commercial opportunities.

Community Relations
Strong relationships are the foundation of community and economic vitality. Burleigh Street CDC fosters relationship-building and collaboration among community members; attends neighborhood block group events; shares information about available jobs and commercial properties; and works in tandem with other economic development agencies throughout the city to promote the neighborhood’s commercial assets.

Burleigh Street CDC is hard at work creating a community of choice and opportunity!